Translating Research to Practice Design Team

TEAM GOAL: To inspire and support educators to translate the science of young adolescent development into intentional teaching and learning strategies.

Supporting Autonomy Self-Assessment: Introduction
The Design Team developed the idea for a quick and informative assessment tool to help educators gauge what they know and how they apply their knowledge of adolescent development in four key domains: (1) Supporting Autonomy, (2) Fostering Belonging, (3) Advancing Competence, and (4) Promoting Identity. This tool is meant to be a doorway into the rest of Remaking Middle School, as it increases practitioners’ awareness of their knowledge and practices related to research.

Supporting Autonomy Self-Assessment
The Design Team developed the first assessment tool in the series focused on Supporting Autonomy. Remaking Middle School will continue to develop assessments for the other three developmental domains.

Also read a post by Design Team Co-Leads, Katie Powell and Aleta Meyer, introducing the tool on the Youth-Nex blog entitled "What Do You Know About Young Adolescent Development?"

As prototypes, we are eager to gather feedback about the products. We hope you will take a few minutes to share your feedback by completing this survey!