VEST Education and Research Speaker Series: Jennifer Jennings

How Do Informational Interventions Shape High School Decision-Making? Evidence from a School Randomized Trial in New York City

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  • Holloway Hall (Bavaro 116)

We examine students’, parents’, and school personnel’s responses to interventions helping families choose high schools in a study conducted in 165 middle schools serving nearly 20,000 8th grade students. Treatment schools received a customized list of geographically proximate high schools with graduation rates above the citywide median of 70%. To better understand how families responded to informational interventions and why impacts vary by subgroup, we draw on interview data with students, parents, and counselors in treatment and control schools.

Jennifer Jennings is Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs at Princeton University, where she also directs the Education Research Section.

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  • Virginia Education Science Training (VEST) Fellowship Program