Educating for Democracy Conference

Resisting Silence: Building K-12 Classroom Communities for Developmentally Appropriate Civic Discourse around Race, Justice, and History

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Educating for Democracy is a transdisciplinary initiative framed by developmental science, critical histories, and culturally responsive teaching and provides K-12 educators with FREE developmentally appropriate civic discourse curriculum materials around issues of race and justice in the U.S. context. Our civic discourse materials provide students with age-appropriate civic discourse questions with rich literary and historical materials. Educating for Democracy's ultimate goal is to build K-12 students into justice-orientated citizens who can make the world a more just place. 

We are hosting a FREE, VIRTUAL conference highlighting this work and focused on supporting educators to build classrooms communities conducive to civic discourse around race, justice, and history in K-12 classrooms. The conference will be a learning space to collaborate, draw inspiration, and reaffirm that developing students who can disrupt inequity and promote peace is crucial to the health of our democracy. Conference speakers include:

  • Dr. Carol Lee, President of the National Academy of Education
  • Dr. Lagarette King, Director of the Center for Black History and Racial Literacy Education
  • Dr. Joyce King, Benjamin E. Mays Endowed Chair of Urban Education
  • Dr. Gloria Butte, Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Attendees can expect to:

  • Learn best practices around engaging K-12 students in civic discourse around race and justice
  • Learn techniques to create affirming classroom contexts for K-12 students
  • Learn about the impact of conversations or lack of conversations around race and justice on K-12 students
  • Learn research skills for finding rich historical sources
  • Learn facilitation skills for navigating conversations around race and justice in the classroom
  • Earn 5 PD credit hours!

Please see the flyer for additional details about the 2nd annual Educating for Democracy Conference

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  • Center for Race and Public Education in the South