Cadre of Experts

We have recruited a national cadre of 219 experts in K-12 threat assessment. This diverse, multidisciplinary group of experts includes practitioners, trainers, and researchers. They are helping us to identify recommended practices and standards for school threat assessment. Experts are completing a series of surveys on key K-12 threat assessment issues such as training standards. We share survey results on a regular basis.

Our first survey was completed in May-June 2020. It assessed the background and qualifications of the experts and asked them to rank priorities for K-12 threat assessment. From a curated list of topics, the experts identified quality and quantity of school team training as the top priority in the field, followed by delineation of the threat assessment process, including how referrals are obtained and how comprehensive the assessment should be. To read the full report, click here.

Our next survey is underway and will help build consensus on training and practice standards for K-12 school threat assessment.