Youth-Nex Virtual Events

Youth-Nex has begun to hold virtual series and panel webinars for people working directly with youth, such as teachers, parents, and counselors, on topics ranging from adolescent development to returning to school. These events are different from our research talks and other series. You can explore the virtual events by topic and date below.

  • Returning to School During a Pandemic

    Returning to School with Equity in Mind: A Lunch & Learn Professional Development Series

    July 2020

    As schools plan for fall re-entry (whether virtual, in person, or hybrid) during COVID-19, many educators have shared concerns about equity and meeting the needs of the most vulnerable students and families in various learning environments. To support K-12 teachers navigating this uncertain time, UVA Equity Center and Youth-Nex offered a series of free professional development sessions led by UVA researchers and local community experts.

    1. Trauma-Responsible Teaching (recording here)
    2. Mental Health (recording here)
    3. Equitable Learning Spaces (recording here)
    4. Lessons in Virtual Learning (recording here)

    See all the resources for this series on this page.


    Back-to-School in the Pandemic: Supporting Adolescent Development from Six Feet Away (or Further)

    August 2020

    The social connections that happen in classrooms, hallways, and cafeterias facilitate the social and emotional learning that are key to healthy adolescent development; so how can that social energy be created during COVID-19? Youth-Nex and the Center for the Developing Adolescent hosted an online panel to discuss how educators, parents, and students can work together to support the social relationships and experiential learning adolescents need to flourish. The recording can be found here.

  • The Promise of Adolescence

    The Promise of Adolescence: Realizing Opportunity in Secondary School

    March 2020

    The recent National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) report ‘The Promise of Adolescence’ reviews the science of adolescent development, and highlights the developmental opportunities of this age. This panel focused on the implications of this work for the education system and educators who work with students in secondary schools and other formal and informal educational contexts. Featuring three of the scholars who authored the report, the panel presents an overview of the relevant research and its implications for helping educators shape educational settings and practices to optimize learning for young adolescents. The recording can be found here.