Valerie Adams-Bass

Assistant Professor of Education

  • Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 2011
  • Post-Graduate Studies, University of KwaZulu Natal, 2008
  • M.Ed., Temple University, 2002

My research examines the relationships of racial socialization and racial identity with the developmental processes, social and academic outcomes of Black children and youth. I am particularly interested in how Black adolescents interpret negative media stereotypes and whether the messages presented are internalized or buffered as a result of racial socialization experiences. I am also interested in research informed culturally relevant professional development for practitioners who work with African American youth and families. I believe in connecting research to practice. I have been a lead consultant with the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey's Center for Youth Development, the Pennsylvania Humanities Council and the Carnegie Libraries of Pittsburgh Teen Services Department. Recently, I worked with the Pennsylvania Humanities Council to revise the Teen Reading Lounge Program into a culturally inclusive out-of-school program for adolescents. As an applied researcher, I have conducted research with urban African American and Latino adolescents, South African youth and facilitated training with adults and youth on college preparation, science, civic engagement, and life skills curriculum and activities.

Research Interests

  • African American
  • Adolescents Media Stereotypes
  • Positive Youth Development 

  • Racial/Ethnic Socialization



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In Press

Bentley-Edwards, K. L., & Adams-Bass, V.N. (In-press, 2021). The whole picture: examining Black women through  the life span. In Afrikan American Women: Living at the Crossroads of Race, Gender, Class, and Culture (revised). H. O. Jackson Lowman (Ed.), Cognella Press/University Readers.

Adam-Bass, V.N. & Chapman-Hilliard, C. Better to Have than to Have Not: Black History Knowledge, Educational Aspirations and Academic Achievement. Journal of Negro Education. Accepted.


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