Meeting Agenda January 10, 2020

UVA K-12 Advisory Council

Friday, January 10, 2020, Ruffner Hall, Room 302

Meeting Agenda

9:30 – 10:00 AM   Coffee and Conversation

10:00 AM– 1:00 PM Meeting and Lunch

10:00 am        Opening -- Stewart Roberson, K-12 Advisory Council Chair

  • Introduction of Council Members
  • Recognition of Guest Attendees 
  • Introduction of New Members

10:00 am          Mission of the UVA K12 Advisory Council – Stewart Roberson, Curry

10:10                Dean’s Welcome and Comments — Bob Pianta, Curry

10:15 am          Reorientation to the CASEL SEL Framework, the 2019-2020 Overarching Theme, with Emphasis on the Social Awareness Competency and its Focus on Equity

10:20 am          Table Talks:  What Do We Mean by Equity? How Do We Define it for Our Needs Locally?

10:35 am          Curry’s Definition of Equity – Joanna Williams, Kimalee Dickerson and Catherine Brighton, Curry 

10:50 am          “Equity:  Interrogating Your Own Reality” – Joanna Williams, Kimalee Dickerson, Curry

11:05 am          The Equity Audit Concept – Sandra Mitchell and David Eddy Spicer, Curry                         

11:15 am          The Falls Church Equity Study – Peter Noonan, Falls Church City: Board PresentationPowerpoint presentation; CBS This Morning - Inside a Virginia Class on Race;  Final Report

11:40 am          BREAK                       

11:50 am          Goochland’s Equity Journey and Statement – Jeremy Raley, Goochland

12:20 pm          Scope 16 (2020-21) Flyer

12:30 pm          Lunch


Remaining 2019-2020 Council Date:       April 3, 2020