Meeting Agenda January 8, 2021

UVA K-12 Advisory Council Agenda
Friday, January 8, 2021
Zoom Meeting

10:00 am                       

Opening-- Stewart Roberson, UVA K-12 Advisory Council, Chair

  • Zoom Meeting Video Recording
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Introduction of Council Members
  • Introduction of New Members
  • Mission of the UVA K-12 Advisory Council
  • 2020-21 Council Theme: “Realizing Equity” and an Overview of the Year’s Work Plan
  • Today’s Emphases - Reimagining Schools: Redefining public education and its delivery through the global pandemic; an opportunity to imagine the future of public education since many inequities have yet to be resolved

10:10 am           

Dean’s Welcome and Comments -- Bob Pianta, Dean, UVA School of Education and Human Development and

Tim Konold, Professor and Director of the Research, Statistics, and Evaluation program.

New Master’s Degree Aims to Meet Increasing Demand for Quantitative Analysts in Education

10:25 am           

The Voices of Students from K-12 Advisory Council Districts: What Are They Telling Us? Part One

Facilitated by Phyllis Pajardo, Fairfax City Public Schools

10:30 am           

The Rise of Homeschooling and Telecommuting: The Implications for Future Educational Service DeliveryHamilton Lombard, Demographer, UVA Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service

11:00 am           


11:10 am          

 The Voices of Students: What Are They Telling Us? Part Two

11:15 am          

Table Talks/Breakout Rooms

  1. What have you learned/perceived from today’s presentation and/or from your “pandemic experiences” as you consider how you and your district are responding to today’s equity challenges and are preparing to leverage them as opportunities for the future?
  2. Specifically, what is your own assessment of and how you are addressing/seeking to close the increasingly exacerbated equity gaps?
  3. The term “market share” has been mentioned as a concept for public school districts to be concerned with for the future as a result of the decision making by many parents.  Equity issues clearly arise through the decisions to home school, to move into private education, or to seek more permanent virtual options.  How may you position your district to sustain/regain market share if it is threatened?
  4. What parts of “normal” are worth rushing back to?  What are some practices of the past that you wouldn’t expect to continue?
  5. When you consider what has been shared by the students and by Hamilton Lombard, how has your thinking changed?

11:40 am         

Share the learnings from the table talks with the full group in a summary fashion; all input will be available on the website

11:50 am                       

SCOPE Updates-

Pam Tucker, SCOPE Director and Jane Cook, Education & Outreach Program Coordinator

VASCD Micro-credentials for Teachers, Laurie McCullough


11:55 am           Wrap-up

12:00 pm           Adjourn


Next meeting: April 9, 2021


2021-22 UVA K-12 Advisory Council Dates:

  1. Friday, October 8, 2021
  2. Friday, January 7, 2022
  3. Friday, April 22, 2022

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