Meeting Agenda April 9, 2021

UVA K-12 Advisory Council Agenda
Friday, April 9, 2021
Zoom Meeting

10:00 am   

Meeting Agenda 

Zoom Meeting Video Recording

Opening -- Stewart Roberson, UVA K-12 Advisory Council, Chair 2020-21

Council Theme and Today's Focus: Realizing Equity- Championing Change

  • What does it take to achieve structural change at the state and local levels to promote the ideals of equity?
  • How do superintendents effectively utilize their positionality to drive change and equity?

10:05 am           

Dean’s Welcome and Comments -- Bob Pianta, Dean, UVA School of Education and Human Development

10:15 am 

Special Announcement

10:20 am           

Driving Change and Equity by Emphasizing Student and Community Voice Matthew Haas, Albemarle County (20 minutes with QA)

10:40 am           

Driving Change and Equity by Emphasizing Instructional Leadership Sarah Calveric, Caroline County (20 minutes, with QA)

11:00 am           

Driving Change and Equity by Emphasizing Political Partnerships Rick Clemons, Gloucester County (20 minutes, with QA)

11:20 am          

Breakout Rooms: Planning the 2021-22 Council Theme and Activities (offer feedback on these topics or others) (20 minutes)

Post-mortem: What did Council members do well during the pandemic? What do we want to discard as a way of doing business in our districts based on what we've learned during the pandemic? How will we respond to the new demands for flexibility?

Stay in the Equity Space: Taking it From Policy to Practice with particular emphasis on addressing the aftermath of the pandemic (academically and emotionally)

Keep "Realizing Equity”: Shift the emphasis to a focus on systems change and improvement.

Other Suggestions?

11:40 am

Debrief on Breakout Room Discussions: (10 minutes)   

11:40 am

Current Planning for Fall Policy Summit: (5 minutes)   

11:55 am

SCOPE Update (5 minutes)

12:00 pm Wrap Up (3 minutes)


2021-22 UVA K-12 Advisory Council Dates:

  1. Friday, October 8, 2021
  2. Friday, January 7, 2022
  3. Friday, April 22, 2022