SURP Alumni 2008

Anna Cho

Anna Cho

Anna Cho is a rising fourth year Psychology Major and Spanish Minor from Northern Virginia, attending Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Prior to her involvement in SURP, she conducted research in the Infant Perception Lab and the Center for Applied Behavior Systems. Currently, she is working with Dr. Marie Shoffner in science, technology, engineering, and math interests, focusing on academic engagement and motivation from late childhood to adolescence. Upon obtaining her B.A., Anna plans to enter graduate school to pursue a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology. She hopes to practice and further research on pathology and the neurophysiology of child and adolescent development. Her personal interests include music, art, exercising, counseling, and teaching.

Gabrielle D'Lima

Gabrielle D'Lima is from Woodbridge, Northern Virginia, and is currently pursuing a B.A. in psychology at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. Since her freshmen year, she has served as a peer counselor at GMU’s Peer Empowerment Program, whose objective is to create a positive and welcoming environment for undergraduate students, especially minority students and international students. Under the leadership of Dr. Marie Shoffner, Gabrielle studied students' math self-efficacy, math interest, and perceived parent, teacher, and classmate support, while also exploring outcome differences by gender and race. She plans to apply to graduate school in the fall to pursue her clinical interests in counseling and research interests in motivation and academic achievement in college students.

André Durham

André Durham Growing up in Ellicott City, Maryland, André Durham always knew he would work in the field of education. Andre’s intuition about his future became clearer after interning with a school psychologist his senior year in high school. He has continued to nurture his interests in psychology and education at the University of North Carolina, where he is a rising senior psychology major. This summer, Andre worked in Dr. Sara Rimm-Kaufman's lab, examining the quality of teacher-student interaction using the Classroom Assessment Scoring System. His future plans area to pursue a doctoral degree in school psychology and work in school systems around the country as a school psychologist or as a district administrator. Andre asserts that his experience this summer has made a long lasting impact on his identity and direction as both a student and a professional.

Maryam Irshad

Maryam Irshad Maryam Irshad is a rising senior at George Mason University. Her current research involves the exploration of inter-ethnic and inter-religious romantic relationships. More specifically, she is examining the cultural conflicts that arise as a result of different, and often opposing, world views. Alongside Dr. Bridget Hamre and Dr. Jason Downer, Maryam researched individual approaches to building emotional support in Pre-K classrooms. After graduation, Maryam plans to pursue a degree in clinical psychology so that she may study the long-term impacts of childhood trauma.

Erica Myers

Erica Myers

Erica Myers, a native of Owings Mills, Maryland, is a rising senior psychology major at Spelman College. Her active campus life is exemplified through her involvement in the Peer Educator Program, Psychology Club, and her work as a Student Ambassador. Erica is currently a member of the National Institute of Mental Health Career Opportunities in Training Program(NIMH-COR), where she has worked under the leadership of Dr. Nathan Call (The Marcus Institute in Atlanta, Georgia), and Dr. Pilar Carrera (The University of Autonoma, Madrid, Spain).  Erica’s research interests are examining behavioral and cultural differences in children, particular minority children. Erica intends on attending graduate school in the near future and desires to work as a school psychologist and a clinical child psychologist.


Ameena Sweeting

Ameena Sweeting

Ameena Sweeting is a rising senior psychology major, human development minor at Howard University.  Ameena has exhibited her desire to gain a deeper understanding of psychological processes through continued involvement in both practical and research settings. A few of her notable accomplishments include involvement in the NIMH-COR program, being an Honors Association on the Legacy Scholar (Howard University), participating in the Ronald E. McNair Scholarship program, and acting as a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Throughout her years of interest in psychology, she has found children to be the most fascinating to observe. Her experience working under the shared mentorship of Dr. Jason Downer and Dr. Bridget Hamre at CASTL exposed her to another area of interest—the effects of varied behavior management techniques on a child's development of self-regulation. With a newly refined research interest, Ameena plans to pursue her PhD in Applied Developmental Psychology.

Lanore West

Lanore West

>Lanore West is a rising senior majoring in psychology and minoring in sociology at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida. She is a member of Psi Chi National Psychology Honor Society, Programmed Action Activities Committee, and the National Council of Negro Women. Lanore spent her summer working with Dr. Tina Stanton-Chapman researching the use of peer play code in observing social interactions of young children. Her plan for graduate school is to get obtain a master’s degree in counselor education with a focus on mental health issues within schools.  She also plans to attend a doctorate program in counseling psychology, with special attention on developing interventions for children with clinically significant impairments.  Her personal interests include psychology, music, and spending time with family or friends.

Rashida Whitley

Rashida Whitley

Rashida Whitley, a proud rising senior psychology major at Georgia State University, is from Atlanta, GA. This summer she worked in Sara Rimm-Kaufman’s lab using a time sampling measure to examine the validity of the Responsive Classroom Efficacy Study. Rashida’s research interest is in adolescent development, with specific regard to juvenile delinquency, and environmental influences. She is also interested in resiliency in teenagers. After graduation, Rashida’s plans are to attend graduate school for community and/or clinical psychology. One of her hobbies is “to turn [her] music up as loud as it will go and scream out the words to the song.”


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