Emma Keller

Emma is from Hampton, VA, and is double-majoring in Youth & Social Innovation and English.


My experience at the UVA School of Education and Human Development has been invaluable. I've had the opportunity to create an interdisciplinary learning experience that has been so fulfilling. I love being able to build relationships with faculty who see and care about me as an individual. It's also extremely rewarding to make connections with students who are just as passionate about fueling change as I am.

Outside of the Education School, I'm Vice President of the Fourth Year Trustees, a freelance writer for IRIS Magazine, and a Cavalier Education Seminar Student Instructor (Course: The Biracial Paradox). I love writing (prose and poetry), crocheting, and watching psychological thrillers. 

After graduation, I plan to pursue a PhD that will allow me to become a practicing Clinical Child Psychologist. My interdisciplinary studies in the Education School have allowed me to study youth and adolescent development with a strengths-based perspective that keeps youth in context, treating them as individuals rather than treating their disorder. I feel strongly that the field of Clinical Psychology should be expanded to include more diverse perspectives and more diverse people.

You can find me on Instagram at @emmmakeller