Danny Lew

Danny is a double-major in Youth & Social Innovation and Data Analytics from Richmond, VA.


Being a part of the YSI community and the greater Education School community has provided me with a lot of positive vibes and energy. The professors are amazing, caring, and all focused on the importance of equity. Everyone is respectful of each other, and the good vibes carry over from the professors to the students. Along with that, everyone is very focused on having an equity-based mindset which is something that I think is important if we want to change the systemic injustices that currently exist.

Outside of class, I'm involved with:

  • Madison House - Volunteered as a mentor and teacher's assistant through Rise Together and Cavs in the Classroom
  • UVA ONSP Orientation Leader - Working as an orientation leader this current summer, leading multiple orientation sessions to assist incoming first-years and transfer students in their transition to college
  • YSI Council - Member of a small group of YSI students that helped organize several YSI events/programs this past year, some things that the council did this past year includes designing and distributing new merch (shirts!), social events, and a big/little program that matched upperclassmen with the incoming YSI cohort
  • Incoming Ambassador for Teach for America - I begin my position this Fall and my duties will include representing TFA at UVA, acting as a point of knowledge for interested students, and more.

In my free time, I love basketball and volleyball (both indoor and outdoor) and I listen to a lot of music (favorite artists include Khalid and Lauv). I also enjoy singing, even though I'm not super good, and socializing. I love meeting new people and I love working with and volunteering for youth-based programs.

After graduation, I would like to work with youth and then, potentially, in the future work in the field of education policy. Immediately after graduation though, I would like to work with youth either as a teacher or through some sort of youth program so that I can gain important groundwork experiences that would be important for a potential career in education policy. Working toward a more equitable education for all is my overarching goal, and I want to be able to do that both through direct impact as a teacher/youth worker and also a more systemic approach through policy.

You can find me on Instagram at: @danny_lew7