Bruce Lamond

Bruce is double-majoring in Youth & Social Innovation and History. He is originally from Staunton, VA.


The School of Education has one of the best communities of instructors and students that I have ever experienced. I love that I can reach out to other students and professors during stressful moments and that they will take the time to answer questions and support me. Their empathy, patience, and unselfishness are simply unmatched. Despite the challenges of Covid-19, my experience in the Education School has been absolutely wonderful. All of my professors have a vested interest in my personal success and mental well-being. I will be forever grateful to them and their efforts to support student academic success and ensure the formation of a community of supportive peers during a challenging time. I know that I have a firm foundation to stand on during my last year at the university and that with their help, I can achieve my personal and professional goals.

Outside of class, I am involved with:

  • FeelGood - This organization sells grilled cheeses, and all of the profits go towards The Hunger Project. I am currently a member of the executive team for this organization and fill the role of Deli Manager. In short, I handle the logistics for our delis.
  • Madison House - I am a coach for the SOCA Hotshots program. Once per week, I coach U-6 children in the basics of soccer and manage their games.
  • Rise Together - This organization assists underrepresented youth populations within the Charlottesville community in attaining their educational and career goals. This past year, I served as a team leader, mentored a high school senior, and helped her with the application process. She got into many of her target schools and will be attending her top choice this fall! 
  • CSA Ultimate Frisbee team

I enjoy volunteering, attending every UVA sporting event that is humanly possible, and riding my bike around Grounds. If I am not doing one of these, I probably have my nose in a book or I am playing a pickup game of either soccer or ultimate frisbee.

I am currently working on my application for graduate study in history. I plan on attaining a Ph.D. and working for a research institution. It has been a lifelong goal of mine to share my passion for history with others, and this path will allow me to achieve this. Unfortunately, this moment in time we find ourselves in is filled with division and polarization. It is truly frightening. However, I believe that a firm foundation in history can help bring people together.