Alita Robinson

Alita is double-majoring in Youth & Social Innovation and African American Studies. She is from Wilmington, Delaware.


Thus far in the Education School, my experiences have been rewarding and fulfilling. I feel like I am finding my purpose in life through the classes I take and my experiences doing research work. Academically, the classes do a great job of preparing you for the future. The Education School has exposed me to various career paths I could see for myself in the future, but also I am learning content that is innovative and exciting. Being surrounded by passionate people who have similar aspirations of making a difference in the lives of others is my favorite thing about the Education School. Not only are my peers supportive, but so are the professors, faculty, and staff. To me, there is a positive and special aura that comes with being a part of the Education School and it is unmatched.

Outside of class, I'm involved with UVA Women's Rugby, VA Ambassadors (DOTL Chair), Fourth Year Trustees, Madison House, UBLSA (Undergraduate Black Law Student Association), and the Hoo Crew. My hobbies include plants! I love being a plant mom. Of course, pre-COVID I loved traveling and seeing the world. I also enjoy baking (particularly vegan sweets).

After graduation, I hope to attend law school and in the future practice as a lawyer who works with nonprofits or advocacy groups to represent children and families. I would love to work about bringing change in the K-12 curriculum by incorporating multicultural studies so that Black history, Latinx history, and other stories are being taught (more than a unit or month) to inspire future generations. The entrepreneurial side of me hopes to one day open a plant shop to share my joy of plants with others.

You can find me on Instagram at: @ar0b_