Personal & Career Development Center

The Personal and Career Development Center provides counseling and assessment services while training students from the Department of Counselor Education.

Fees are determined by a sliding scale.

Confidentiality is assured to all individuals.
PCDC is a training facility, all counseling and supervision sessions are videotaped, the videos are used as training tools. Clients who use the PCDC must grant permission for the sessions to be videotaped for training and supervision purposes. The tapes are viewed by students and their supervisors and in practicum or internship classes to review student progress. All videotapes are kept in a locked room and do not leave the building, except to be taken to practicum or internship class meetings. Tapes are erased at the end of each semester unless counseling is continuing the following semester. If counseling sessions continue past one semester, tapes are erased when counseling services are terminated.

All information obtained from clients (including tapes) is treated with the strictest confidence. No information will be transferred to any individual or agency without the prior written approval except for the following situations:

If there is reason to believe that a client will harm herself/himself or others;
If there is reasonable suspicion of child or elder abuse or neglect;
If a court of law mandates the release of records or a clinician’s verbal testimony.

More Information

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  • History

    The Personal and Career Development Center (PCDC) was founded in 1980 with a grant from the Virginia Division of Vocational Education under P.L. 94-482. The first clients were seen in September 1980, and since that time hundreds of people have used the Center’s services.

    The original faculty advisor, Dr. William Van Hoose, made the following comments in 1981 on the philosophy of the center: “Several adult transitions are uncomfortable for many people and for a few persons these life changes create numerous problems. Most people, whether young adults, middle-aged or older adults, handle life changes without major difficulty. But most of us could, at times, profit from learning more about change in our lives and about how to develop better ways of coping with what happens to us.”

    Founded as a training clinic for doctoral students, who along with faculty provided the Center’s counseling services to clients, the Center now provides consultation and services to those seeking personal and career counseling and training.

    PCDC is designed to provide practical experience for counselors-in-training and to offer counseling services and assessment to UVA students and the local community. Graduate students in counseling are able to observe counseling sessions, practice their own skills, and provide and receive supervision services in the PCDC.

  • Visitor Information

    PCDC is open during the fall and spring semesters during normal business hours. To inquire about an appointment or consultation, please email Amanda Flora at

    Personal and Career Development Center
    P.O. Box 400270
    417 Emmet Street South
    Charlottesville, VA 22905

    Phone: (434) 924-7034
    FAX : (434) 924-1433