Research Opportunities in Administration & Supervision

Preference for these opportunities for engagement in important research and development initiatives will be given to individuals possessing the types of expertise listed for each. In particular, we value applicants who hope to develop their career around these interests, serving as a leader in the field of Educational Leadership after graduation. Individuals filling these positions will be expected to participate actively across the school and in the relevant professional associations.

Specialty Area Foci

1. The Role of Leadership in School Turnarounds

Over the last decade, empirical research has firmly established that school leadership plays a critical role in student achievement. However, we’re still learning a lot about how leadership affects schools, particularly in turnaround situations. I am currently involved in a number of large-scale empirical studies looking at the predictors of turnaround leadership success, the pathways by which leadership influences student outcomes and school culture in school turnaround situations, and whether leadership skills are transferrable across schools. Activities include data collection and analysis, scholarly writing, and interacting with school and district leadership teams who are participating in the Darden/Curry School Turnaround Specialist Training Program.

2. K-12 Leadership for Educational Technology

This federally funded project, 'Strengthening School Leaders' Instructional Leadership Practice Through Developing Teachers' Abilities to Integrate Technology in Support of Student Learning,' is conducting field trials in middle schools studying feasible ways to build the leadership content knowledge about effective technology-enhanced teaching in math and science among teams of principals, technology specialists, and teacher leaders in math and science.  The developed materials and processes under study include curriculum for leaders and teachers, an innovative custom-designed online learning platform, and interaction protocols, all aimed at building leadership team members' capacity to work together and shaping their leadership practices to develop science and math teachers' technological pedagogical content knowledge and instructional practices - to ultimately impact student learning outcomes in science and math.  A doctoral researcher in educational leadership will join peers from mathematics and science education, and instructional technology on this multi-year project.  In 2015-2016 the project will focus on supporting users in the field, and collecting data about the efficacy about the CANLEAD leadership institute's curriculum and the web-based application designed to support it.  Subsequently the focus will turn to data analysis and next steps for dissemination and scale up.  See for more information

3. University Council for Educational Administration Headquarters

The University Council for Educational Administration is a consortium of higher education institutions committed to advancing the preparation and practice of educational leaders for the benefit of schools and children. The organization is now headquartered at UVA’s Curry School of Education and offers a range of opportunities to work on major research projects and organizational initiatives in collaboration with the Executive Director, Michelle Young, and the Senior Executive Director, Pamela Tucker. Graduate students are  leaders within UCEA’s Graduate Student Council and network with academic leaders in the field of leadership preparation on a regular basis. They play an integral role in the planning and organizing of major events, such as the annual conference for the UCEA. The activities of UCEA are wide ranging and offer many, varied avenues for scholarship and contribution.