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What We Do

Remaking Middle School is a multi-phase initiative, elevating the innovation that is present in middle schools across the country and soliciting national input on how we ensure all students thrive in, and grow from, their experience in the middle grades. 

Who We Are

The Remaking Middle School Initiative is an emerging partnership working to build and steward a new collective effort for young adolescent learning and development. 

Our Hope

Working alongside partners in the field, we are aiming to build a national action agenda, outlining how to implement initiatives and innovations that can make those changes a reality. 

Our Initiatives

Reimagining middle school requires a collective effort—from those in the school building to those in the state legislature. Contact us or sign up for Remaking Middle School updates to learn how you can help transform education for adolescents across the country.

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Remaking Middle School Research

With powerful research on positive youth development, we can reimagine the middle school experience in a way that recognizes the strengths of our youth. Building from an understanding of what young adolescents need, Remaking Middle School Summit participants will begin to generate solutions to transform the middle grades and build a national vision for shifting the middle school experience to a positive one for all youth.

Young Adolescent Development

The first paper in the series describes the physical, cognitive, identity-related, and social development that young adolescents undergo— and highlights the educational and equity-driven supports they need to navigate those changes.


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Climate, Culture & Community: Building a Positive School Climate for Young Adolescents

The second paper in the series explores how schools can create a positive school climate for young adolescents. The paper adapts the U.S. Department of Education’s comprehensive model for understanding school climate.

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Optimizing Teaching & Learning in the Middle Grades

The third paper in the series addresses what schools can do to create developmentally-responsive, evidence-based teaching and learning experiences in the middle grades.


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