The Effect of Exercise on Ghrelin Levels

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What We Do

PI: Art Weltman, is evaluating the effects of two exercise “intensity doses” on total ghrelin, acyl ghrelin, and des-acyl ghrelin in lean and obese adults with and without prediabetes. 

Ghrelin, the “hunger hormone” is associated with perception of hunger and fullness (appetite), which we measure using a Likert-type scale in which subjects report several dimensions of appetite.

Team Project

Arthur L Weltman

Arthur L. Weltman

  • Professor of Kinesiology
  • Professor of Medicine

Related Lab

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Diet and Exercise in Heart Failure Patients

This is a clinical trial examining the relationship of diet (high fiber DASH diet) and high-intensity exercise on improving ejection fraction. Subjects with will be randomized into one of three groups (1=diet and exercise, 2=diet only, 3=exercise only) for four weeks and changes in VO2 peak in HfpEF patients will be measured to explore if there is an additive effect of diet combined with exercise. We are developing the DASH diet plan and prepare, measure, and evaluate food intake.