DoubleHoo: “The Effect of Moderate-Intensity Exercise on Postprandial Plasma Triglyceride Levels Following a High Fat Meal”

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What We Do

This two-arm clinical trial is designed to examine if post-prandial blood triglyceride levels change significantly over the six hours after a test meal when the subjects engage in moderate intensity exercise for 30 minutes after consuming a high fat (keto) challenge meal (compared to a control meal and no exercise).

Project Team

PI: Ariel Liu (student)

Siddhartha S Angadi

Siddhartha Angadi

  • Assistant Professor
Sibylle Kranz

Sibylle Kranz

  • Associate Professor

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Diet and Nutrition Research Laboratory

Our mission is to investigate the effect of diet on health and learning outcomes, especially in children. The lab consists of a metabolic kitchen and a feeding/dining area with a play space for our studies in children.