Diet and Learning Study

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What We Do

This study in 4-year-old children is examining the differences in children’s feeling of hunger/fullness, focus, concentration, and short-term memory after consuming either usual (control) foods served in childcare centers compared to lower glycemic index versions of the same foods. 

All children have two days of either diet; all foods are prepared in our metabolic kitchen under highest food safety standards and all ingredients are purchased at normal grocery stores. Children participate in four separate day camps (8:30 am – 3:30-4pm) and we follow the typical schedule of childcare centers with organized play, free play, nap or resting time, morning and afternoon snack, and lunch.

Project Team

Sibylle Kranz

Sibylle Kranz

  • Associate Professor

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Diet and Nutrition Research Laboratory

Our mission is to investigate the effect of diet on health and learning outcomes, especially in children. The lab consists of a metabolic kitchen and a feeding/dining area with a play space for our studies in children.