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This guide includes key takeaways and reflection questions for group facilitators.

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In this report, we present information about a newly developed, comprehensive, and integrated curriculum, STREAMin3, and findings from a pilot evaluation of this curriculum. STREAMin3 was designed for educators’ use in group-based settings serving children from birth to age five.

  • The Elementary School Journal

This study piloted a reading comprehension instruction professional development intervention for teachers of upper elementary grade students (Unlocking Understanding), exploring the relative effects of two versions of the intervention that varied the degree of lesson scripting.

As part of a research-policy partnership, we conducted the first randomized controlled trial testing the impacts of financial incentives on teacher turnover in ECE settings.

Since 2019, Virginia has been piloting the Teacher Recognition Program (TRP), a financial incentive program aimed at supporting early educators and reducing turnover.

In this Race & Education talk from the Center for Race and Public Education in the South (CRPES), Dr. Jennifer Johnson gave a talk entitled "Gobbling up the Land: Racialization Policies and Education in the Seminole Nation: 1843-1930" on Wednesday, November 10th, 2021.

  • Teaching Exceptional Children

This article describes the GRR model of instruction and provides specific guidance and resources to support special education teachers in implementing the GRR model during small-group reading instruction in primary-grade classrooms, with a particular emphasis on facilitating group and independent practice.

In this Race & Education talk from the Center for Race and Public Education in the South (CRPES), Dr. Margaret Thornton gave a talk entitled "Uncovering the Legacy of UVA’s First Black Woman Graduate: Louise Stokes Hunter’s Extraordinary Life" on Wednesday, October 13th, 2021.

  • Preventing School Failure: Alternative Education for Children and Youth