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Establish a successful interdisciplinary PICS-p clinic in Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Pediatrics to educate, assess, treat and support patients and their families to improve health related quality of life.

The purpose of the study is to survey families with special needs age 0 to 3 towards their perception of early intervention services.

Strong evidence points to equity and well-being benefits from well-designed programs.


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To increase access to evidence-based information before, during, and after an autism diagnosis for Latinx families.

To better understand how to meet the needs of students with disabilities living in rural areas we need to understand the current evidence-base for transition as it relates to this population

In this Race & Education talk from the Center for Race and Public Education in the South (CRPES), Dr. Alexa Rodríguez gave a talk entitled "Negotiating Dominican Citizenship: Education, Race and Nation during the US Occupation, 1916-1924" on Wednesday, April 6th, 2022.