President Ryan Runs for Teachers

On Monday, April 15, President Ryan will run the Boston Marathon in support of Teachers. President Ryan will wear a t-shirt with the names of the first 26 teachers honored. All teachers honored will be listed on this page.

To honor a teacher please, make a donation.

Thank you for your support!


  1. Diane Wallace
    "Exceptionally dedicated teacher of 4th grade boys for the past 52 years at Norfolk Academy – a loving and gifted teacher who is adored by all!" - Jane Batten
  2. Chris Kypros
  3. Emily Porter
  4. Patty Kellam
  5. Compassionate Schools Project Teachers
  6. Megan Greenwood
  7. E.D. Hirsch
  8. Clint & Lois Miller
  9. Bob Pianta
    "Bob Pianta exemplifies a teacher of all in the very best sense of an important profession and calling. His insight, creativity and passion for all things in the realm of education make our world a better place. Thank you, Bob" - Paulette Katzenbach
  10. Mike King
    “While I only had Mr. King for a teacher and coach for one year at Allegheny Clarion Valley High School, he inspired in me a love of politics and civics that has carried throughout my life. He had an uncanny ability to engage students and his energy and passion motivated everyone—a truly exceptional teacher and mentor.” - Mark Luellen
  11. Patricia Scaturro
    "Patricia Scaturro is my 85 year old Mom and when all of her kids were grown, she became a teacher and taught in a elementary school of lower income, where most parents did not speak English. When we asked our kids, Peter 2017 AS, and Bridget 2019 MED who they wanted to honor, they both said, “Grandma!”" - Peter Scaturro
  12. Flossie Zar
    “Flossie Zar was my second grade teacher and she realized I was bored and worked with me. She knew the difference between taming and teaching kids.” - Andy Rotherham
  13. Beth Cashman Costa
    “Beth is one of the hardest working and most dedicated teachers I have ever seen. She has devoted her entire adult life to making a difference in the lives of her students! To have the opportunity to publicly acknowledge her as an exceptional teacher and compassionate mentor is a real honor.” - Mike Cashman - Beth's brother
  14. Doug Earl
    "Annawan High School students (Illinois) were fortunate to learn algebra, trigonometry, calculus and basketball under Doug Earl’s uncommonly-capable instruction. In style and substance, Doug taught students about aspiration, hard work, practice, problem solving and achievement. I am deeply grateful to Doug for the challenge and support he so generously provided my classmates and me." - Justin Thompson
  15. Laverne Spurlock
  16. Deb Pruett
  17. Malcolm Meistrell
  18. Jen MacDonald
  19. Joe Garofalo
  20. Harold Hatcher
    "My dad was a career educator. For him, teaching was a selfless act focused on the individual student. He instilled the values of service, humility and leadership in all of his children—both in the classroom and at home." - Loren Hatcher
  21. Wally Bavaro
    "Wally Bavaro was an extraordinary educator and athletic coach during his many decades of teaching in the inner city populations surrounding communities. He was known as ‘the gentle giant’, and led his legions of students with both his heart and mind." - Dan Meyers
  22. Elizabeth Bell
    "Celebrating Elizabeth Bell (B.A. Mathematics and Master of Teaching, 2018): proud Curry graduate, a first year high school math teacher, and fellow marathoner. Every day she shares her passion for mathematics with her students and helps them to see that every person can be a math person." - Paige Bell
  23. Elizabeth Daly
  24. Ellen Barry Downer
  25. Phillip Lawrence Barry
  26. Bernard Kenyon
    "If we believe that educators can transform lives then Bernard Kenyon is the best exemplar I know. For almost sixty years he proved the power of a teacher in the lives of teenagers — mostly through his simple affirmation of their value as people and their potential as learners." - Bob Pianta
  27. Madison Eure
  28. John Wills Lloyd
  29. Stephanie Martin
    "At first just a younger Curry Graduate, but now a life changing teammate!" - Laura Kelly
  30. Jonathan Kuhn
  31. Dr. Christian Steinmetz
  32. Christiana Richardson
  33. Dr. William Lowery
  34. Dr. Dan Duke
  35. Dr. Don Ball
  36. Julie Matyas