Peppy Winchel

Research Specialist - Intermediate

  • MAT, University of South Carolina, 2010
  • MPH, Northern Illinois University, 2002
  • BA, Illinois Wesleyan University, 1994

Peppy has 20 years of experience in workforce training, previously developing and delivering training for first responders and skilled service providers in disaster response, and 10 years of experience as a science educator in a variety of classrooms.  His interests include science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) programs, as well as how public health, public education, and public safety intersect in the community.  Peppy is an US Army veteran with a broad background, working at federal agencies (NIH, CDC), national organizations (American Red Cross), state agencies (Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service), and local agencies and organizations (in Charlottesville, Peppy is an AEMT with the Albemarle County Fire and Rescue and with Lake Monticello Rescue Squad, and is also a Master Naturalist with the Rivanna Chapter of Virginia Master Naturalists).

Peppy currently manages the Curiosity and Classrooms Project, an exploration of curiosity and the development of intellectual virtues in schools.  Peppy is also involved in the Abecedarian Project, a carefully controlled scientific study of the potential benefits of early childhood education for poor children. 

Peppy shares his house in Charlottesville with his wife, son, and collection of cats, dogs and a house rabbit, and manages their homestead farm in Fluvanna County where he raises cows, goats, and rabbits.