Our Students & Their Comments

Our Students and the Distinguished National Record of our UVA NSSHLA Chapter

In 2007, The University of Virginia Chapter of the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA) began a rise to national prominence. That year, our UVA Chapter won the Communication Sciences & Disorders Convention Scholarship sponsored by Delmar Learning. The prize in that competition was a set of 20 student-registration fees for the ASHA Conference in Boston.

In 2009, the leaders and members of our NSSHLA Chapter earned, in a national competition, the NSSHLA Gold Chapter Award. Only three chapters national wide achieved that honor. To achieve Gold status, a chapter must accomplish a rigorous set of service, philanthropic, and community outreach criteria.

In 2010, UVA students not only achieved NSSHLA Gold Chapter Status, but went on to be awarded the national NSSHLA Chapter of the Year!

Examples of our student’s professional focus, their good works, and their commitment to excellence, have included making financial contributions to “4PAWS for Ability,” the Virginia Speech Language Hearing Association (SHAV), The Stuttering Foundation, and to the UVA Speech Language Hearing Center to establish summer scholarships for children presenting with autism spectrum disorders. In addition, our chapter members provide numerous services to the profession (e.g., volunteering at the SHAV conference) and the community (e.g., screening hearing in Wise County, providing holiday meals to families, supporting Wounded Warrior events).

To say that our faculty members are proud to stand alongside of our students is an understatement. We respect and we admire them. Simply put, they are the very best – in Charlottesville and on the national stage.

We require all new students to join national NSSLHA. NSSLHA dues grant you access to all of the web resources that are available to ASHA members. Several courses and practica will draw heavily upon those resources. Importantly though, join NSSLHA only after September 1. Someone who joins before September 1 will need to submit dues for another year of membership when September 1 rolls around!

Student Comments about Our Program

Our NSSLHA Chapter volunteered to collect student testimonials. Here are the student comments that they collected.

  • The professors and clinical instructors are great resources and truly want you to succeed. They'll build you into confident, competent clinicians and pave the way to rewarding internship experiences.
  • One thing I really like about the CSD program at UVA is the flexibility and camaraderie we have with the professors. They really make it a comfortable learning environment.
  • One thing I love about the program is the relationship we have with our teachers. They all sincerely care about us as future clinicians and also as individuals. This program creates a family for all of its students and the staff are dedicated to us and our success.
  • The M.Ed CSD program at UVA has given me a comprehensive education inclusive of interactive classes, dedicated professors and supervisors, and a variety of hands-on clinical placements. It's because of my time here that I feel both prepared to begin my future job and confident to handle anything that comes my way. I could not have chosen a better program.
  • UVA's Communication Sciences and Disorders graduate program has surrounded me with professionals who encourage and challenge me to be the best clinician I can be.
  • All of the professors take a personal interest in every student in the program.
  • This program exceeds all expectations I had for a graduate career in speech-language pathology. Fellow students, staff, and teachers go above and beyond to maximize your learning experience and personal growth. It's an incredible blessing and honor to be a part of this stellar program and welcoming community.
  • One thing I really like the program is how supportive everyone is. All of the professors, clinical supervisors, and other students are always willing to answer questions and help in any way they can.