Our Clinic

The UVA Speech Language Hearing Center is a part of the Sheila C. Johnson Center for Human Services (SJC). The SJC occupies the entire ground floor of our building: Bavaro Hall. The UVA Speech Language Hearing Center is a full-service out-patient clinic. Our primary goals in operating our clinic are to (1) provide students with many and diverse clinical learning experiences, and (2) provide those learning experiences in the environment of a modern workplace.

Our clientele includes many clinical populations: stuttering, voice disorders, traumatic brain injury, autism, cochlear implants, language disorders, articulation and phonological disorders, early intervention (including feeding and swallowing), motor speech disorders, and accent modification, to name a few. We serve several Spanish speaking clients. We also work closely with Otology and Laryngology in UVA Health Sciences.

SJC serves as the setting for initial clinical rotations. All students begin learning clinic procedures from Day #1 of our graduate program by beginning their training in SJC. Blue Track students begin providing services to clients in SJC during their first fall semester in the program. Orange Track students, on the other hand, spend the first fall semester observing and learning before beginning services to clients during their first spring semester. During SJC rotations, our students learn core clinical competencies prior to beginning a sequence of off-site clinical placements where they acquire setting-specific skills through placements in health care and public-school agencies.

To give you a better sense of our UVA Speech Language Hearing Center, please browse through the following photographs.

Bavaria hall
Our house
Front Door of Sheila C Johnson Center
Our front door
You’re in the right place!
Reception Desk in SJC
Reception desk
Waiting room
Waiting room
the atrium
Round atrium
clinic room
Large multipurpose clinic room
small clinic room
A typical clinic room
materials for the clinic
Materials room
audiology booth
Audiology booth
students showing speech treatment
Students demonstrating treatment
Students demonstrating treatment
View from observation room
Another observation room view