Questions to Ask Interviewers

Some of the best questions asked by job applicants during interviews with recruiters were shared by employers responding to the Recruiting Trends (compiled by Michigan State) survey. Many of these questions are similar to ones that you will receive!

Note: Avoid Salary and Benefit questions until offered a position.


General Topics:

  • What does your school district offer that others do not?
  • How would teachers (parents, others) describe your school district?
  • How supportive of education is your community?
  • What is the general pupil enrollment in your community (increasing, decreasing, stable)?

Philosophy of Education:

  • What is your district's philosophy of education?
  • Do you believe all children can learn?
  • How do your teachers accommodate and still assure success?
  • What is your definition of quality education?
  • What is the mission of your school district?
  • How is your district empowering teachers to share in decision-making?
  • Of what educational achievements are you most proud?
  • What are your district's crucial issues today?
  • What academic programs are most important in your district?


  • What percentage of high school graduates go to college?
  • What is the multiethnic mix of students?
  • What is the teacher/pupil ratio?
  • How do you meet individual student needs?

Instructional Programs:

  • What curricular materials are available?
  • Where does your district want to be 5 or more years from now?
  • How are you improving classroom instruction?
  • How do you access or draw parents into the educational process?
  • How much input is available from new teachers for curriculum development?
  • What are the newest curricular changes?

Anticipated Job Responsibilities:

  • What are your expectations of a teacher who wants to be a successful long-term employee?
  • What participation do you expect from a teacher in community and afterschool activities?
  • What kind of allowance is there for building administrators to implement innovative programs?

Beginning Teacher Assistance:

  • Do you have a mentor teacher program?
  • What do you do to insure that new teachers succeed?
  • What support systems are available to new teachers?

Work Environment:

  • What curriculum/tests do you use?
  • How would you describe the classroom management/discipline techniques used?
  • How do you feel about outcomes-based student obligations?
  • How is technology being used?
  • Are school facilities available so I might work after hours or on weekends?
  • How are the middle schools organized?
  • What kind of relationship is there between administrators and teachers?
  • Are there opportunities for participation on committees?
  • What are the average age and years of experience for staff members?
  • What is the average teacher tenure?
  • Do you have team planning and teaching?


  • Will I have opportunities to coach and/or supervise extracurricular activities? (ask only if you are interested in this)
  • Is there a district policy regarding student activities scheduled on weekends so parents may participate?
  • What can I do to get involved with helping young people in the community?

Measures of Work Performance:

  • What relationship should exist between a teacher and his/her student?
  • What are the opportunities for professional growth?
  • On what competencies should I focus during my first 6 months/1st year?
  • Could you summarize the basic expectations for a new teacher in your district?

Special Education Issues:

  • What teaching techniques/methods are used in special education?
  • What programs are offered to these students?
  • What programs are offered to encourage integration?
  • How do you deal with heterogeneous ability levels in classrooms, from mainstreamed special education to gifted?