Nick Gage, Betsy Talbott, and Bryan Cook

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What We Do

Gage, Talbott, and Cook will conduct a replication of Morgan, Frisco, Farkas, and Hibel’s (2010) study examining the efficacy of special education in math, reading, and behavior among a nationally representative group of 5th-grade students using propensity matching scoring and the ECLS-K data set.

Gage et al. will replicate the study among a nationally representation group of 4th-grade students in mathematics achievement using the National Center for Teacher Effectiveness Main Study data set.

Related Lab

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Consortium for the Advancement of Special Education Research

CASPER’s mission is to advance open science in special education and related fields by (a) conducting meta-research, (b) providing recommendations and resources, and (c) conducting and disseminating open research.