Youth-Nex Seeking Proposals for Two Funding Opportunities

Youth-Nex, the U.Va. Center to Promote Effective Youth Development, is seeking proposals for two funding opportunities, comprising up to six awards, from faculty members across Grounds that promote effective development in youth. Both are due May 31.

Opportunities are based on the center’s mission to engage U.Va. faculty in multidisciplinary research on factors that can enhance youth development including productive citizenship, supportive relationships, risk avoidance, and healthy lifestyles. In addition, the center focuses on similar work to prevent health-related, psychological, and social risk among youth. 

Seed Funding
The center seeks proposals describing work that will directly lead to the development of grant applications for external funding in the near future. Funding will be allocated to projects that examine critical influences on one of four center areas: supportive relationships, engaged citizenship, avoiding risky behavior, and healthy lifestyles (health and well-being).

Youth-Nex intends to fund up to four seed projects (maximum $40,000 per award). Up to 65% of the requested budget can be devoted to faculty support. 

Preference will be given to applications led by investigators from two different disciplines or units within the University, or by a U.Va. faculty member in collaboration with a community organization or institution.

Priority will also be given to proposals that combine methods to address questions about the process (e.g., peer relations, identity development, socio-emotional development) and outcomes (e.g., academic achievement, physical health) of youth development in environmental contexts (e.g., schools/classrooms, health care systems, neighborhoods, peer groups, after-school or mentoring programs, sports programs).

Proposals are limited to five single-spaced pages and must include: a statement of purpose, the hypotheses, research design and analytic plan, budget, timeline for completion (up to 12 months post-award). NIH format bio sketches of the applicant Co-PIs and Co-Investigators should be attached. An important component of the application is statement of the specific external funding enhancement that is provided by this seed money (i.e., provide the link to a solicitation or some other evidence of such an opportunity). Funding decisions will be based on fit with center mission, likelihood of enhancing external funding ability, and strength of the research plan.

Youth-Nex is requesting proposals to fund up to two seminar/think tank projects. These projects will engage faculty from at least three departments and preferably be from at least two colleges/schools to develop innovative multidisciplinary projects serving the center’s mission. Additional participants from within and outside the University can be included.

Funding requests can be up to $100,000. This may cover up to three faculty salaries for course “buy-out” for up to the equivalent of 1/6 of their 9-month salary. Extent of work and time committed must justify faculty salary support requested. However, budget requests should be structured to link support to the effort and be justified in terms of leading toward the end products. The center will make up to two awards.

Applications should be specific about planned activities, leaders, likely participants, work products and timelines and how they relate to these to budget requests. Although, prior collaboration may be valuable the successful applications will be marked by engagement of faculty without established shared work.

Variations in organization and format of work are quite welcome, however one prototype is a semester-long faculty seminar for presentation, review, and discussion to synthesize diverse understanding around a central topic, exchange to construct a new formulation of a major challenge or vexing problem, or engagement with University and community contributors to an innovative approach to supporting effective youth development and/or reducing a problem of importance. 

Proposals are limited to five single-spaced pages and must include: a concise statement of the purpose of the intended seminar, leading faculty and likely engagement of other faculty, students, and professionals, planned activities and relation to planned products, and relation of seminar work to likely viable external funding applications (including agencies and foundations appropriate for such an application). In addition, a budget with specific uses for requested funding and explanation of relation to completion of the planned work and a timeline for completion within two semesters of the award should be attached (not more than three pages).  NIH format (two pages per principal) bio sketches should be attached. Full CVs and additional supporting materials can be included in an addendum.

Those interested in this seminar are encouraged to arrange time for an informal discussion with Patrick Tolan Ph.D., Director of Youth-Nex, [email protected], assistant Crystal Haislip [email protected] 434-924-1388.

Proposals for both opportunities should be submitted via email to Patrick Tolan, director of the center, [email protected]. Questions about the proposals should be directed to Patrick Tolan. Other questions may be directed to his assistant, Crystal Haislip, [email protected]. Deadlines for both applications are May 31. Awardees will be announced mid June.