School of Education and Human Development Faculty a Part of Unprecedented 5 Jefferson Trust Grants

Since 2006, the Jefferson Trust awards grant funding to a number of projects across the University of Virginia each year.  Of the fourteen awarded this year, faculty members from the School of Education and Human Development are a part of five. 

Below is a list of projects affiliated with the EHD School.


Kinesiology Teaching Lab
Sue Saliba, Associate Professor

The Kinesiology department received unfurnished space in Ruffner that is designated as the new Kinesiology teaching laboratory. Funding will provide interactive and psychometric learning equipment. This equipment will allow students to experiment and learn by doing rather than reading about or watching videos of the various methods. The department does not share lab space with any other entity due to HIPPA restrictions prohibiting the use of Medical Center space and equipment.

Monroe Hill
Stephen Plaskon, Associate Professor & Director of Studies, Brown Residential College

The spirit and the history of the buildings and grounds now home to Brown College on Monroe Hill represent an important part of the history of UVA and legacy of James Monroe. However, the historical weight, significance, and perspective of Monroe Hill has been somewhat overlooked. This project intends to invite student participation in research, documentation, illustration, and sharing of significant information about Monroe Hill, and in the creation of a documentary film production. Accompanying educational materials and discussion guides will also be part of the project.

Integrated Learning for the Next Generation of School Leaders
David Eddy Spicer, Associate Professor

Allowing the faculty in the Administration and Supervision Program Area to develop and pilot a new model of integrated learning to support leadership preparation reaching new Master’s students. The new model will span online, facilitated small group, and field-based learning as the basis for teaching courses in the Master’s program. Grant funds will span identifying and engaging stakeholders, developing and launching the initial pilot program, evaluation and revision of the pilot and launch of year two.

Civic Engagement and Student Scholars: Understanding Public Service at Mr. Jefferson’s University
Karen Inkelas, Associate Professor

This initiative will equip a team of undergraduate researchers to systematically map the network of public service projects that exist at the University in order to understand the comprehensive impact of service activities, identify gaps in service, and develop a strategic plan to maintain and improve service opportunities that benefit the community and students. This work is intended to address the needs of students and student organizations by providing a comprehensive network of service projects that is often requested by students but does not currently exist.

National Standards Workshop
Nancy Deutsch

This project enhances UVA’s efforts to emerge as a national leader for how best to prevent and respond to sexual assault on college campuses and how to create a climate where every student feels safe and valued. A steering committee of UVA faculty, students, and alumni with expertise in the area of sexual misconduct will partner with Futures Without Violence and Harvard Law School Gender Violence Program to create and pilot a comprehensive curriculum to prevent and respond to sexual assault on college campuses that can serve as a model for the nation.