Research by Professors Castleman & Turner Cited in New Article on College Enrollment


The Conversation

Ben Castleman and Sarah Turner both have research cited in an article examining tweets and texts that increase student achievement and college enrollment.

Could a tweet or a text increase college enrollment or student achievement?

In 2012, researchers Ben Castleman and Lindsay Page sent 10 text messages to nearly 2,000 college-intending students the summer after high school graduation. These messages provided just-in-time reminders on key financial aid, housing and enrollment deadlines from early July to mid August.

Instead of set meetings with counselors, students could reply to messages and receive on-demand support from college guidance counselors to complete key tasks.

In another intervention – the Expanding College Opportunities Project (ECO) – researchers Caroline Hoxby and Sarah Turner worked to help high-achieving, low-income students enroll in colleges on par with their achievement. The intervention arrived to students as a packet in the mail.