Professor from JMU Visits CASTL to Discuss Mindsets about Writing

How does the your mindset effect the way you approach tasks? What types of mindsets promote the most effective outcomes for adults? Members of the Grissmer Lab at the Center for the Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning (CASTL) are learning more about these questions and how they approach academic or professional writing today.

Kenn BarronKenn Barron, a Professor of Psychology at James Madison University (JMU), is visiting CASTL to encourage people to have a growth mindset regarding their writing. “People with growth or incremental mindsets believe that their skills and abilities in a particular area can be enhanced over time through effort, learning, and persistence,” explained Barron. “These are people who tend to learn more, persist longer, and perform better.”

These are key skills and abilities for researchers or academics. Barron will be sharing his Top 10 Tips on developing a growth mindset and leading discussions with CASTL researchers on how to successfully implement them with their academic writing process.

“We have excellent data from our research studies, but we are thinking about the ways we can support researchers in writing and getting the word out there,” said Christopher Hulleman, a Research Associate Professor at CASTL and one of the organizers for Barron’s visit.

Mindset work has been gaining popularity and Barron has been leader in research on motivation. He is the co-coordinator of the Motivation Research Institute at JMU and runs a residential learning community program for college freshman where he equally tries to develop a growth mindset in each of his students. Barron also was named one of Princeton Review’s 300 Best Professors.