Prof. Roksa has Academically Adrift Research Cited in Inside Higher Ed Article on Extracurriculars


Inside Higher Ed

Work by Josipa Roksa on being academically adrift is cited in a new Inside Higher Ed article on extracurricular activities.

End the Extracurricular Arms Race

Whatever the cause, extracurricular activities now crowd out academic work and cause critical harm to students’ intellectual and personal development. Several years ago, researchers led by Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa published a study called Academically Adrift, arguing that today’s students were learning very little (perhaps nothing) and spending too little time or energy on their studies. Indeed, some of our country’s best and brightest (and hardest-working) students are falling haplessly into this pattern -- all because they feel a misguided compulsion to climb rocks, perform improv comedy or host ice cream socials to talk about HIV, when really they should be reading or studying.