Prof. Roksa Discusses Perceptions of Engagement in a New Article About Prestige of Colleges


Daily Nebraskan

Josipa Roksa discusses perceptions of engagement in a new article about prestige of school and academic rigor.

Prestige of school doesn’t indicate academic rigor, study shows

Josipa Roksa, an associate professor of sociology and education at the University of Virginia, suggested that researchers look closely at the survey taken on the amount of reading and writing assigned and the hours students spend studying to how they feel their classes challenge them. This survey shows more correlation between how students are challenged in their classes than the university name or year in school in general.

Students reported that the level of difficulty was also based upon the complexity of the work assigned, the way they choose to study the material and how they approached their learning as a whole.

“Students are very high on their perceptions of their engagement,” Roksa said to The Chronicle. “When you unpack what it means to be engaged or work hard, it’s low threshold.”