Prof. Roksa Discusses Faculty Voices and Accountability in New Article


The Daily Progress

Prof. Roksa talks with local Daily Progress about her book on being Academically Adrift.

Fixing academia: UVa professor’s book highlights need for accountability

Lawmakers and administrators have begun talking about using data and mandatory reporting to hold schools accountable. But the researchers say officials are looking at the wrong things, including income levels immediately after graduation and early employment outcomes.

And these accountability discussions, Roksa said, are missing faculty voices.

“I think the only way to fix this problem is to engage the faculty,” she said.

The authors spoke with experts in six different fields — around 70 academics in total — about what they believe students majoring in their subject need to learn during their time in college.

They found that faculty members in the same discipline mostly agreed on what students need to learn. Most agreed that analytical skills were more important than recalling information from memory.