Prof. Castleman Discusses Text Messaging Research with WV NPR



Ben Castleman, an assistant professor at EdPolicyWorks and Curry, discusses new research with WV NPR.

Texting: Is it the Key to a Better College Transition?

The brain behind the national text messaging program is Ben Castleman, Assistant Professor of Education and Public Policy at the University of Virginia. Castleman started developing the project in 2012 as part of his graduate dissertation after noticing students benefited from some additional college counseling the summer after their senior year.

Castleman spoke with West Virginia Public Broadcasting via Skype.

“What we also found though is that counselors were having to spend a lot of time just getting in touch with students,' Castleman noted, 'Phone calls were going unanswered, emails would bounce back. Once they were able to connect, the students typically were very grateful for the interaction and the advice they got from the counselors.”