Prof. Bassok's Kindergarten Article Tops List of Most Read Education Research Articles of 2016


American Educational Research Association

Prof. Daphna Bassok's research article on advanced kindergarten skill levels reaches top of AERA list of most read ed research articles of 2016.

AERA Announces Most Read Education Research Articles of 2016

Washington, DC – Research on school climate; shifts in race, income and gender-based achievement gaps; learning tools and approaches; and more appeared in the 20 most popular journal articles published by the American Educational Research Association in 2016. Based on the number of times they were accessed online, the following were the most popular AERA research articles published in 2016.

1. Is Kindergarten the New First Grade?
Researchers found that over a 12-year period, kindergarten classes have become increasingly like first grade. Kindergarten teachers in 2010 have much higher expectations of their students than in 1998, and their classrooms have become more similar to first-grade classes from the ‘90s.
AERA Open, January 2016
Daphna Bassok, Scott Latham, Anna Rorem