Prof. Bassok Talks with the Washington Post in New Article on Kindergarten


Washington Post

Daphna Bassok, assistant director of EdPolicysWorks and associate professor at Curry, speaks with the Washington Post about Kindergarten and academics.

As kindergarten ratchets up academics, parents feel the stress

Researchers were floored by how drastically kindergarten has shifted.

“To think that kids’ experiences in the early grades changed so much over such a short period of time is really surprising to us,” said Daphna Bassok, an associate professor of education at the University of Virginia.

Bassok said she believes the shift in kindergarten is rooted in a “trickling down of accountability pressures,” with schools under more demands to ready children for standardized tests that are used to evaluate teachers and schools. Bassok also pointed to the rise in the number of children attending preschool, which can create an early-achievement gap before kids even make it to elementary school.