Prof. Bassok Has New Pre-K Work Cited in Article on Readiness Gaps



Daphna Bassok, assistant director of EdPolicysWorks and professor at Curry, has prek research cited in new EdSource article.

Kindergarten readiness gap between low-income and higher-income students shrinking

The second report, “Socioeconomic Gaps in Early Childhood Experiences,” found that low-income parents were increasingly invested in their children’s education. That investment is defined as children being in childcare, by parent’s involvement in activities such as reading to children and “enrichment” field trips, the availability of home technology, and parents’ beliefs about the importance of children being ready for kindergarten.

Daphna Bassok, associate professor of education and public policy at the University of Virginia and lead author of the  report, said more research is underway to “tease out the explanations for this.”

The findings appear significant, she and Reardon said, pointing to a greater focus on early education campaigns — including Too Small to Fail, Reading Is Fundamental and Reach Out and Read — that encourage parents to do educational activities with their children.