Prof. Bassok Has Kindergarten Research Cited in New Article on Play


The Conversation

Daphna Bassok, assistant professor and associate director of EdPolicyWorks, has kindergarten is new first grade research cited in new article on play.

Kindergartners get little time to play. Why does it matter?

In turn, when I asked the kindergartners what they were learning, their replies reflected two things: one, they were learning to follow rules; two, learning was for the sake of getting to the next grade and eventually to find a job. Almost all of them said to me that they wanted more time to play. One boy said: I wish we had more recess.

These findings mirror the findings of researchers Daphna Bassok, Scott Latham and Anna Rorem that kindergarten now focuses on literacy and math instruction. They also echo the statements of other kindergarten teachers that kids are being prepared for high-stakes tests as early as kindergarten.