Prof. Bassok Has Kindergarten Research Cited in New Article from Huffington Post


Huffington Post

Daphna Bassok, assistant director of EdPolicysWorks and professor at Curry, has research cited in new article about early reading instruction.

Winning the battle but losing the war? Behind the science of early reading instruction.

Today’s kindergartners are under more pressure to learn to read than ever before. In their report “Is Kindergarten the New First Grade?” researchers Daphna Bassok, Scott Latham, and Anna Roren demonstrate that kindergarten teachers today spend much more time teaching reading than they did in the past. Where does this time come from? It comes from time previously spent on play, arts, music and movement, which now take up a much smaller part of a kindergartener’s day. In fact, kindergarten teachers today report spending more time on teaching children to read than on any other activity. So does early reading really pay off?