Post-doc Anna Markowitz Named to 2018 Emerging Education Policy Scholars

By Leslie M. Booren


Anna Markowitz, a post-doctoral associate at the Curry School of Education and a developmental psychologist at EdPolicyWorks, will be joining the 2018 cohort of Emerging Education Policy Scholars (EEPS). EEPS brings up-and-coming scholars to Washington DC to meet with education-policy experts, and to brainstorm new directions for K–12 education research.

Markowitz is focusing on how policy systems influence schools, early education contexts, and families, and thereby shape human development.

One of the goals of the EEPS program is to increase understanding of how policy and practice intersect with scholarly research in education and related fields.

“I am very excited about participating in the EEPS program,” said Markowitz. “It is an unique opportunity to deepen my understanding of educational policy and policymaking, which isn’t always available in an academic setting.

“The program will open up new collaborative opportunities with other young researchers, as well as provide important insight as to how to make my work more useful and more impactful,” continued Markowitz.

With acceptance into this program, Markowitz joins an elite group of promising doctors who bring a keen research eye, fresh ideas, and an enthusiasm for education policy. Previous EdPolicyWorks scholars have been selected in this program including Daphna Bassok, Julie Cohen and Allison Atteberry.

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute and the American Enterprise Institute jointly administer the Emerging Education Policy Scholars (EEPS) program, which was launched in the summer of 2010 in Washington DC.

Markowitz completed her doctorate in psychology at Georgetown University in 2016. She also holds Masters degrees in both Public Policy and Applied Developmental and Educational Psychology.


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