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Kids’ Reading Scores Are Lower. Reading Science Should Guide the Response.

New data shows literacy scores fell during the pandemic. Education professor Emily Solari explains what it will take to recover from these disrupted learning opportunities.


UVA Early Childhood Curriculum Will Be Made Available Statewide

The Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning and its partners have created a teaching approach that combines social smarts with academic ones.


Daphna Bassok standing outdoors with arms crossed

Small Students, Big Opportunities

Working in partnership with policymakers, Associate Professor Daphna Bassok aims to provide long-term solutions to real-world problems for America's youngest learners.


Class of 2022: Daniel Rodriguez-Segura

“Complexity does not necessarily define the most valuable research. What really matters is asking the right questions and framing the answers in the right light.” Daniel is graduating with a Ph.D. in Education Policy.


Bob Pianta, Jacqueline Jones, Sam Meisels, Amand Williford each in one of 4 boxes on the screen

Supporting Our Youngest Generation

Four early childhood education scholars gathered for a recent webinar to discuss some of the greatest opportunities and challenges facing early childhood education in America.


Together, Undergrads and Current Teachers Tackle Child Poverty in New Course

Full-time UVA undergrads and current teachers come together in a course to learn how meaningful relationships and advocacy are positive forces against the impact of childhood poverty.


Q&A: What the 2021 Virginia School Survey Reveals About the Pandemic’s First Year

According to new survey data, job satisfaction among Virginia teachers remained stable from 2019 through early 2021. But will that resilience persist through the pandemic’s second year?


Q&A: Research Shows Federal Early Childhood Policy Proposals Could Have Significant Impact

UVA School of Education and Human Development Dean Bob Pianta walks us through the myriad ways proposed investments in early childhood education could improve society as a whole.


EdPolicyWorks Welcomes Two New Faculty Members

The EdPolicyWorks research center welcomes professors Allison Atteberry and Brendan Bartanen.


Two students being tutored

Study: Tutoring May Mitigate Pandemic Learning Losses

In a recent policy brief, co-author and education assistant professor Beth Schueler examined tutoring and small-group instruction’s role in academic improvement.


Young Students interacting with a teacher

How Researchers, Policymakers and Practitioners Can Partner to Improve Early Childhood Education

In a new volume, researchers highlight the ways partnerships between researchers and policymakers are a promising approach to effectively expanding high quality early childhood education.


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With New Grant, Researchers Aim to Provide Community College Graduates with Personalized Job Matches

A research team at UVA aims to improve the job search process so that investments in a college education translate into good jobs for graduates.


Exploring Careers in Education & Law: Workshop for Education Policy Associates

In April, the Virginia Public Partnership Collaborative hosted a panel for the Education Policy Associates program that focused on an important element of its work: the intersection of education and law.


Bavaro Hall and The Law School Building

Pilot Program Supports Education Leaders, Engages Law Students

A new partnership between the School of Education and Human Development and students at the UVA School of Law supports educational leaders as they work to connect their efforts to larger policy initiatives and current research.


Professors Miller, Schueler, and Katz

Researchers Partner with VDOE to Study Pandemic Impact on Virginia Schools

Three EdPolicyWorks researchers will partner with the Virginia Department of Education to study the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Virginia’s public schools.


James Soland

Measuring COVID Learning Loss

How do we account for what students have lost academically during a year of pandemic schooling? Early data has begun to shed light on where student learning stands – and how to move forward.


Q&A: A Global Effort to Find Students Who Have ‘Disappeared’ During COVID-19

Where have all the students gone? How many are missing? Bob Pianta, dean of the School of Education and Human Development, is among those seeking to tackle these questions and more.


Grace Meng, Larry Irving, Jessica Rosenworcel

Why Internet Access Is a Human Right – And What We Can Do About It

In a virtual discussion with UVA President Jim Ryan, experts on the “digital divide” explored how lack of internet access creates major barriers to education, health care, and more. Here are three key takeaways.


Rachel Wahl

Is Constructive Political Dialogue Possible in 2021?

In an era of extreme polarization, following the most contentious presidential election in modern history, what does productive political dialogue look like?


School mental health

UVA Leads Virginia’s New Plan to Improve Mental Health in K-12 Schools

A statewide partnership aims to build a well-connected network of school mental health professionals by pairing graduate trainees with under-resourced school divisions.