New Economist Article Cites Work by Prof. Roksa on Test Scores


The Ecomonist

Josipa Roksa has work about being academically adrift cited in new article by the Ecomonist.

A new crop of hands-on universities is transforming how students learn

Worry about the state of young minds is also behind the latest initiatives. Champions of “deeper learning”, an increasingly popular idea in American education, argue that today’s teaching methods stifle understanding. Tony Wagner, the author of “Creating Innovators”, says that schools and universities are failing to spark young people’s curiosity. He points to research by Richard Arum of New York University and Josipa Roksa of the University of Virginia, who in 2011 estimated that despite four years of study 36% of newly minted American graduates failed to improve their scores on the Collegiate Learning Assessment, a test of critical thinking. Advocates of the new model also often cite the studies of Kyung Hee Kim of the College of William and Mary, which suggest that American scores on a standardised test of creativity have fallen since 1990, even as average IQ scores have risen.