NCRECE Hosts Quality Improvement in Early Childhood Education Meeting

The National Center for Research on Early Childhood Education (NCRECE) hosted its last leadership symposia this week, as the project winds down for the last six months of funded work. NCRECE is a research project at the Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning (CASTL).

NCRECE is one of the largest funded teacher professional development research studies, and examined the effectiveness of implementation and classroom interactions on gains in children’s language and literacy. Early childhood teachers were randomized to receive coursework and consultation support.

Researchers and state specialists gathered in Washington DC on Monday and Tuesday (March 18th and 19th, 2013) for presentations that followed four main themes around quality improvement:

1) Impacts and implementation/making the transition from research to practice at scale.
2) Designing professional development for quality improvement at scale.
3) Higher education teacher preparation in support of quality improvement.
4) Quality rating and improvement systems, and high stakes decision-making.

At the leadership symposia, new research findings were introduced, including the impacts on teacher practice and child outcomes from the professional development study. NCRECE has hosted leadership symposiums yearly during the main study including topics such as Effective Professional Development in Early Childhood Education.

Robert Pianta, Dean of the Curry School of Education and the Founding Director of CASTL, is the principal investigator of NCRECE and led the meeting agenda. Other meeting attendees from CASTL included: Jason Downer (presenter), Jennifer LoCasale-Crouch (presenter), Bridget Hamre, Marcia Kraft-Sayre, Grace Funk, Sonia Cabell, Amanda Williford, Bridget Hatfield, Kyle Bourassa, and Leslie Booren.

The US Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences has funded NCRECE since 2006. One of the major activities of NCRECE was dissemination of research. Toward this, NCRECE has been regularly producing two-page practitioner friendly research briefs on newly published findings. 

  • Related Faculty
    Headshot of Robert C. Pianta
    Robert C. Pianta Batten Bicentennial Professor of Early Childhood Education, Founding Director, Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning
    Headshot of Jason T. Downer
    Jason T. Downer Professor of Education, Program Area Director, Clinical and School Psychology, Director, CASTL
    Headshot of Leslie M. Booren
    Leslie M. Booren Associate Director for Communications & Operations, Youth-Nex
    Headshot of Amanda P. Williford
    Amanda P. Williford Batten Bicentennial Professor of Early Childhood Education, Associate Director for Early Childhood Education, CASTL