More Than 90 Employers Set to Vie for Curry Class of 2016

On February 12, hiring agents from all over the world will gather on the Grounds of the University of Virginia in an attempt to woo graduating students from the Curry School of Education to come work for them. 

Recruiters seeking educators in the kindergarten to 12th grade fields will be attending the annual Educators Expo, a job and interview fair. The event is open to students interested in k-12 positions in teaching, counseling, speech language pathology or administration. Employers are seeking students from all majors & degrees.

“This year, we have more than ninety employers who offer our graduating students a wide range of opportunities to use their talents in classrooms around the world,” said Hilary Kerner, director of education career services at the Curry School.

During the morning session, students will have the opportunity to speak with potential employers, discover current open positions and even land an interview. Employers will conduct interviews with potential hires over the course of the afternoon.

Though all are seeking educators, the employers represent a wide variety of opportunities for graduating students.

Aimee Meditz, the middle school principal at the Casablanca American School in Morocco, will be traveling to Grounds with Veronic Rivera, a math teacher at the school an a 2010 UVA graduate, to participate in the Expo.

“The Casablanca American School has a history of recruiting interns and teachers from UVA and the Curry School of Education,” said Meditz. “Without exception, these young professionals have had solid preparation in their fields of study. The Curry School graduates have been dynamic, creative professionals who have demonstrated consistent skill in unit planning, differentiation and a commitment to collaboration and professional growth.”

International schools represent one element of diversity in offerings at the Expo. Others include teaching opportunities in non-traditional settings.

The Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice is seeking middle and high school teachers for the youth currently incarcerated.

“The diverse range of organizations and recruiters taking part of the Education Expo allows students to think beyond the traditional teaching position,” said Linda Boone, manager of the Teacher Education program at the Curry School.

The Expo will begins at 9am in the Newcomb Hall ballroom and continues through 5pm.