Missing the Curry School? Download These Zoom Backgrounds

Bring a little bit of the Curry School to your virtual classes and meetings by adding one of these background images.

Classes and meetings may be moved online for the foreseeable future, but that doesn't mean you have to leave the Curry School behind completely.

Just add one of these images as your Zoom background to let everyone know where you'd rather be. Scroll through the available images below and click the link to download as many of them as you'd like. They're all sized to fit Zoom specifications.

To add the image in Zoom, go to Preferences, choose “Virtual Background” and click the plus-sign to add images from your computer.

1. Aerial View


Download Aerial View

2. Spring Blooms


Download Spring Blooms

3. Courtyard Arches


Download Courtyard Arches

4. Curry School Logo


Download Curry School Logo

5. Breneman Courtyard


Download Breneman Courtyard

6. Bavaro Window


Download Bavaro Window

7. Ruffner Corridor


Download Ruffner Corridor

8. Emmett Street Walkway


Download Emmett Street Walkway