Kelly Rosinger Quoted in Ithacan on Test-Optional Policies


The Ithacan

A report released by the ACT program asserts that test-optional admission policies at colleges and universities are not beneficial, Curry research associate Kelly Rosinger chimes in.

ACT report bashes test-optional policy, which IC supports

Kelly Ochs Rosinger, postdoctoral research associate in EdPolicyWorks at the University of Virginia and one of the authors of a test-optional report released by the University of Georgia, said that while some individual colleges may be experiencing benefits from being test-optional, not all colleges that are test-optional are.

“We’re just not seeing this sweeping change within the sector to say… that this is one way that colleges can make huge steps to expand access,” Ochs Rosinger said.

She said it is up to each school to evaluate its programs to see if a test-optional policy works for its particular campus.