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With $3M NIH Grant, UVA Research Team Tests Age-Appropriate Exercise for Individuals with Heart Failure

Led by UVA Professor Jason Allen, researchers test protocol to deliver precision exercise training to older individuals with heart failure.


Mike Lyons smiling at camera, standing in front of a building.

New $2.9M Grant Allows Researchers to Expand Mental Health Training Program

A team of UVA researchers will be working with partners in South Carolina and Missouri to deploy and test virtual professional development for school mental health providers.


UVA Audiologists Share Hope, Caution About Newly Announced OTC Hearing Aids

What are the potential impacts of the FDA’s decision to allow a new category of hearing aid for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss?


Researchers Awarded $5.7M by the Institute of Education Sciences

With four new grants, researchers from the School of Education and Human Development will be examining a range of topics including full-day pre-kindergarten and cultural and racial equity.


Letter blocks combine to spell AUTISM

Voices of Autism: Tips from a Married Couple

Alex and Eliza, a married couple with autism, answered questions about how autism impacted their relationship in the latest issue of the STAR newsletter.


Kennedy Wilkins

Student Spotlight: Kennedy Wilkins, Communication Sciences & Disorders

Kennedy Wilkins struggled to find her place as a first-year during COVID. But time spent caring for her grandmother helped her find both her home at UVA and her future career.


Jennie Grammer and Rachel Wahl

UVA Funds Professors' Research on Civic Engagement, Neuroscience

A University of Virginia fund with an annual pool of $700,000 has provided several faculty members, including UVA EHD's Jennie Grammer and Rachel Wahl, with seed money to invest in their research.


Damon Swift

Q&A: Improving Health with the Right Dose of Exercise

Kinesiology professor Damon Swift, who studies how exercise can improve health, is on a mission to help people lead healthier lives.


Michael Lyons and Julia Taylor

Amid a School Mental Health Crisis, a New Training Approach Shows Promise

A new study from the UVA-led Virginia Partnership for School Mental Health found promising results testing a virtual professional development program for school mental health providers.


Experts Renew Call for Action to Prevent Gun Violence

Professors Dewey Cornell and Catherine Bradshaw are leading an effort to update an evidence-based 8-point plan aimed at reducing gun violence in America.


Autism Acceptance Month 2022

For Autism Acceptance Month we are highlighting our most recent stories about the research and recommendations from the Supporting Transformative Autism Research team at the UVA School of Education and Human Development.


Karen Kurotsuchi Inkelas

Q&A: How to Help College Students Feel Like They Belong

Professor Karen Kurotsuchi Inkelas, who researches the college student experience, shares what student belonging is, why it matters, and what colleges can do to help college students find belonging in a post-pandemic environment.


Autism Q&A: Addressing Barriers to Nutrition

The STAR team talked with Sibylle Kranz, an associate professor and registered dietician, to get ideas for helping children with autism improve their eating habits.


Brick home with tree in front yard

Housing for Adults with Autism

A new report details recommendations to support individuals with autism to live independently as adults.


Keep Moving: How Regular Exercise Lowers Chances of COVID Hospitalization

UVA exercise physiologists discuss the benefits of staying active in the face of COVID and offer tips on returning to exercise safely if you’re recovering from the disease.


Building Compassionate Schools in Charlottesville

UVA team helps Charlottesville elementary students flourish through the Compassionate Schools project.


Improving Refugees’ Mental Health Around the World

Amanda Nguyen is examining the effectiveness of interventions designed to improve the mental wellbeing of conflict-affected populations, including mothers and veterans, in Bangladesh, Ukraine and Myanmar.


Faculty Members Fill Ranks in Strategic Areas, From Democracy to Sustainability

Damon Swift, associate professor of kinesiology, was among a group of newly hired faculty members featured in this UVA Today story.


Study: Missing Well-Child Visits Leads to Delayed Autism Diagnoses

At a time when parents may be wary of taking unvaccinated children to a medical facility, the study raises concerns about the possible consequences.


Alexis Ward playing adaptive rugby

Inspired by Her Cousin, Student Brings Adaptive Rugby to Charlottesville

Alexis Ward, a graduate student in the School of Education and Human Development, has been working to improve the lives of people with disabilities ever since she was a kid.