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Curry School Launches Three Undergraduate Teacher Education Majors

In a major restructuring of its Teacher Education program for the first time since the 1980s, the Curry School of Education and Human Development is launching three new majors that will lead to teacher licensure without requiring a master’s degree.


Q&A: ‘The Hate U Give’ Offers Valuable Lessons in Media Stereotypes

We sat down with assistant professor Valerie Adams-Bass, who researches negative media stereotypes of African American youth, to discuss how “The Hate U Give” provides a unique teaching opportunity for students.


Photo of Robert Tai standing in a brick corridor wearing a blue shirt

How Students Become Scientists

The importance of science education is growing, but students’ interest in science declines as they get older. With a $1.7 million grant from the National Science Foundation, UVA professor Robert Tai wants to help figure out why.


Two Curry School Faculty Win University Teaching Awards

Professor of Kinesiology Art Weltman and Assistant Professor of Curriculum, Instruction and Special Education Jennifer Pease were among 13 UVA faculty members honored this week with University-wide teaching awards.


Local Students Pilot New UVA Curriculum Combining Computers, Rain and Playgrounds

The team used a large grant from the National Science Foundation to help students program and use a computer-based model of water runoff and test their playground designs at Walker Upper Elementary School.


UVA Basketball Players Celebrate Their Most Impactful Professors

Cavalier men’s basketball player Jack Salt named Curry School's Ann Boyce as one of his most impactful professors. (Photo by Matt Riley, UVA Athletics)


UVA Researches Student Character Development in EL Education Schools

Researchers at the University of Virginia recently received a grant to conduct a two-year study on character development among students in EL Education schools.


Q&A: Why Turning Around Underperforming Schools Is So Challenging

In the wake of New York City’s cancellation of its $773 million school turnaround program, UVA expert Coby Meyers discusses the hurdles and potential pitfalls school systems face in reforming failing schools.


From Teacher to Education Leader: Meet Alumna Tamara Wilkerson

In her current position as executive director of African American Teaching Fellows, Tamara Wilkerson Dias is motivated to improve the educational experiences of local schoolchildren.


Kelly Edwards

Ph.D. Candidate Profile: Kelly Edwards

Dean's Fellow and first-year Research, Statistics and Evaluation Ph.D. student Kelly Edwards shares how research methodology can translate data into meaningful impact.


Sarah Lilly

Ph.D. Candidate Profile: Sarah Lilly

Ph.D. candidate and Dean's Fellow Sarah Lilly shares how an interest in interdisciplinary, project-based teaching methods led her to pursue a doctorate at the Curry School.


UVA Researchers Pilot New Early Childhood Education Curriculum in Virginia

The University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education and Human Development will pilot a new curriculum in 100 early childhood classrooms, half private and faith-based and half state or federally funded, over the next two years.


Video: Opportunities for Professional Learners in Virginia

At the Northern Virginia Center in Falls Church, the Curry School offers non-degree and off-grounds courses, tuition discounts, and other options for professional and non-traditional learners.


Growing Your Intelligence: Professor Shares the Power of ‘Growth Mindset’

The Curry School’s Stephanie Wormington shares how learners of all ages can get past “I’m just not good at that” and unleash their potential.


Education Leaders, Policymakers, Researchers Gather To Discuss Teacher Retention in Virginia

Education leaders, policymakers and academic researchers gathered at the University of Virginia for a summit to discuss teacher retention in Virginia.